Karim Attoumani Mohamed

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Organization: Telecom Comores SA
Region: Africa
Country: Comoros
Email: attoukarim [at] yahoo.fr
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Karim Attoumani Mohamed is the Project Management Officer and the Regulatory Project Manager at Telecom Comores (Telco SA) from September 2016. Before this position, he was the national Coordinator of the 4th phase of the Regionale Communication Infrastructure Programme (RCIP) funded by IDA/World Bank in Comoros. He worked as Head of the Department of Studies and Projects at the Comoros ICT Regulation Authority, where he was in charge of ICT projects, and ICT statistics in liaison with the ITU. He represented Comoros at the GAC-ICANN since 2009.[1]. He represented also Comoros at the COMESA IT-Technical Committee as well as COMESA e-Learning group.

Karim is interested in ICT and Internet governance, activities implemented by DiploFoundation in terms of IG Capacity Building and policy research initiation, ICT4D, and helping people become aware of ICT use and application.[2]

Karim Attoumani Mohamed was graduated from the University of Montreal (2009) in ICT integration in education. Engineer in telecommunications (2003), he obtained a DEA (Master II) in Telecommunications regulation (2004) from the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo (Madagascar). His master project which related to a law proposition to regulate the ICT sector in Comoros was voted by the National Parliament in 2008 and promulgated in 2009.

Career History

From May 2008 to June 2009, Karim was the ICT Assistant at UNICEF Comoros. For two years, he was a Teacher and Researcher at the University of Comoros.[3] He is teaching Open Source Technologies in web 2.0, web development, e-learning and network administration under Linux platforms. He hold the ICT4D passeport n°3404-4362 as trainer from the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (www.diplomacy.edu). Coordinator of an IDA World Bank funded project related to ICT Infrastructures development from 2014 to June 2016. Now he is the Project Management Officer & the Regulatory Project Manager at Telecom Comoros, a Telma Group branch in Comoros as the second Telco from September 2016.


He graduated from the University of Montreal with a Master in ICT integration. He graduated in Telecommunications Engineering (2003) and holds a DEA in Control and Regulation of Telecommunications (2004) from the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique of Antananarivo (Madagascar).[4]. He made a Law proposition during his Master II [5] for the regulation of Telecom sector in Comoros and it was implemented after he finished studies and now Comoros has an ICT Law and a Regulation Authority.

Articles and Publications