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Country: Australia
Email: kartic.srinivasan [at] melbourneit.com.au
LinkedIn: link=Kartic Srinivasan   [Kartic Srinivasan Kartic Srinivasan]

Kartic Srinivasan is the General Manager of Operations and Global Partner Solutions as Melbourne IT, where he is in charge of global operations for the partner channel. Kartic is also a Director on the Board of auDA, a member of auDA's Names Policy Panel, and a member of ICANN's Domain Tasting Group.[1]

Career History

Kartic has been at Mebourne IT since 2002. From 2002-2007, he worked as a Product Manager, where he was responsible for the portfolio of products, developing and launching domain products, developing and launching secondary market strategies and implementing price strategies for the product portfolio.[2]


Mr. Srinivasan holds a Masters in Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology and a BE in Electronics and Communications from the SRM Engineering at University of Madras.[3]