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Country: USA
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Kathryn "Mandy" Carver[1] serves as ICANN's Vice President for Governmental Engagement. She was promoted to the newly-created position in mid-2014. ICANN's announcement read, in part, "As VP, GEGC Mandy Carver will work closely with the Vice Presidents for IGO and IO Engagement and Government Engagement in Geneva and New York addressing the Intergovernmental and International Organizations and UN structures as well as with the VPs for Global Stakeholder Engagement in the regions in their work with national governments and regional governmental entities."[2]

Education and Career

Carver earned her AB from Princeton University and JD from the University of Minnesota, where she received the William O. Douglas Award for Constitutional Scholarship and was on the editorial board of Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice. She received her MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota, where she held an Adolescent Health Program post-doctoral fellowship.[1]

Carver joined ICANN in November 2006, serving as Deputy General Manager for Global Partnerships. According to the organization, she specializes in "multi-stakeholder decision making and conflict resolution". Her responsibilities include "identifying and assessing the policy issues emerging from local internet conditions as well as leading, managing and mentoring a team of regional liaisons that collaborate with local constituents and represent ICANN's global strategy". She also staffs the international committees responsible for solving the global partnership issues brought to ICANN through its participatory processes.[1]

Carver is a health and human rights lawyer, and before joining ICANN she was formerly the Executive Director of The Concord Project, whose mission is to strengthen "cross-community" organizations. Before joining The Concord Project, she was a Senior Consultant at the public health research, management and consulting firm John Snow, Inc. Previously, she was the Director of the Office of Patient Advocacy of the National Marrow Donor Program.[1]



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