Koffi Fabrice Djossou

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Country: South Africa
Email: koffi-fabrice.djossou [at] ieee.org
Facebook: link=Koffi Fabrice Djossou   [Koffi Fabrice Djossou Koffi Fabrice Djossou]
Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 42 - Senegal playing card deck

Koffi Fabrice Djossou works at ARC, the African Registry Consortium.[1] He is a founding member of the organization., which is planning to apply for the .africa gTLD.[2]

He can speak English and French, and has attended multiple ICANN meetings.[3][4]

Career History

Mr. Djossou has 10 years of experience in the implementation of large and mid scale Telecom Projects. He has worked in Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa as an IT and telecommunications consultant, with a special focus on capacity building and project management.[5]

In Qatar, he worked at GHM[6], while in Benin, he worked with Daka Consulting.[7] In Burundi, Mr. Djossou worked with the government.[8] He has also worked with Price Waterhouse Cooper.[9]

He has also been a presenter for, and participant with, IEEE, ISOC, AfriNIC and WTDC.[10]


  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Data Processing – Paris – France
  • Degree in Telecommunication and Network System – Montreal – Canada[11]