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Country: Finland
Email: lauritravels [at]
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Lauri Hirvonen is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO at Lauri Hirvonen Productions Oy. He is a board member at Helsinki Datacommunications Forum, member of ISOC Finland, and a founding member of Mobile Monday Helsinki. He has worked extensively for the creation of .mobi for mobile users. The .mobi contract with ICANN was signed in July, 2005 in Luxembourg. Currently, Lauri is working to set up the MAG (dotMobi Advisory Group) to allow all interested companies and organizations to join MAG and improve the .mobi future.

Career History

  • Member, PAB (Policy Advisory Board) for .mobi company.
  • Vice-Chair, MAG Steering Committee at .mobi Advisory Group.
  • Member, Interest Group at W3C MW4D.
  • Senior Business Development Manager, Nokia.
  • Creator of Forum Nokia, Nokia.
  • Senior Consultant, ICL Fujitsu TeamWare.
  • Groupware Evangelist, ICL Personal Systems Oy.
  • E-mail Guru, ICL Data.
  • Computer Engineer, Honeywell-Bull and Nokia Electronics Computer Division.[1]