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Affiliation: KICTANet
Country: Kenya

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Liz Orembo is a fellow at the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) working on research and advocacy on Internet freedoms including Freedom of expression, Information and privacy and trains journalists on digital security. As part of the ICANN community, she is part of the RPM review working group. Orembo is also part of the ISOC Kenya chapter.

She is also an ICANN 55 Marrakesh NextGen@ICANN member. [1]

Involvement in ICANN

Ambassador: NextGen@Icann 57

Working Group: Rights Protection Mechanism for the New gTLDs


Researcher - East Africa Internet Freedoms

Associate - KICTANet[2]

Other Involvements: Kenya IGF Working Group. Coordinating the Kenya School of Internet Governance. ICANN ans ICANN Wiki outreach in East Africa.


Orembo received her BA in Communications from the University of Nairobi.