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Country: Sweden
Email: loa [at] pi.se
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Loa Andersson is the Senior Standard and Strategy Manager at Ericsson.[1]

Career History

Earlier in his career, Loa was the Strategy Manager at Redback Networks, which is a subsidiary of Ericsson. He has also served as the Principal Networking Architect at the Swedish Research Institute, Acreo AB. Prior to that he was an Independent Consultant. Mr. Andersson has been a Chief Network Architect and also held position in the architectural development deparment at Nortel Networks and at Bay Networks.[2] Andersson has served as the co-chair of the IETF MPLS-WG and L2VPN working groups.[3]

He has attended MPLS 2007[4] MPLS 2010[5] and MPLS 2011[6]

He has been the MPLS liaison to the ITU-T.[7]


He is the co-author of key MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN and GMPLS specifications.