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Country: Canada
Email: luc [at]
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Luc Faubert is a consultant in IT governance and change management. He was president of ISOC Québec (a certified At-Large Structure) from 2004 to 2007 and has been influential in creating North American Regional At-Large Organization within ICANN.[1] He was also President of Un Québec Branché Sur Le Monde, a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable high-speed Internet access in Québec's rural regions. He was also an active member of Réseau Maillons, a network of Québec non-profit associations involved in the development of the Internet.[2]

ISOC Québec organized an At-Large outreach meeting in Montréal (Québec) on November 23, 2006.[3]


From 1985 to 2002 he worked with developing companies on IT consulting, graphic designing and pre-press. He later went on to focus on translation and software localization.

Luc is interested in projects involving mergers and acquisitions, auditing of corporate IT services and corporate reorganization.

According to Luc, he used three principles in his interventions:

  • A high-level strategic perspective.
  • Constant attention to the human aspects of all dynamics.
  • Interventions must be unquestionably profitable to his customer.[4]


  • University of Montréal - degree in French Litterature and Russian - 1982
  • Concordia University - graduate degree in Computer Science - 1985


Luc Faubert is interested in Internet governance and global governance issues, particularly those related to the UN and world federalism. According to him, he is involved in addressing global challenges by adding a global perspective to local management strategies. His interests also include literature, photography and writing.[5]


Internet Society Québec, Réseau Maillons, Communautique, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibilty, World Federalists Movement, Extropy Institute