Lucas de Moura

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Organization: NCUC
Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Country: Brazil
Email: moura.lucas [at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Lucas de Moura
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @mourackb

Lucas de Moura, creator of Peregrino project, that aims to teach kids about how the Internet works and how to keep it safe

ICANN's Stakeholder Journey

This section contains my stakeholder journey


His first participation in an ICANN meeting was in ICAN53 as Nextgen presenting his project about cybersecurity and kids called Peregrino.

RemoteHub Organizer (ICANN54)

During the ICANN54 was the host of the only remote hub from Brazil. Inviting local stakeholders to get together in Porto Alegre. A remote question about the ProxyWhois was made during the OpenMic session.

NextGen@ICANN Ambassador (ICANN55)

Lucas was the ambassador of the NextGen of the ICANN55. The first African edition of the program.

Fellowship Program (ICANN57)

During the ICANN57 Lucas attend as a fellow, the full report can be read on his personal website.

Career History

Axur (Jannuary 2013-2017)

CSIRT member and Anti-fraud analyst working with Reverse Engineering of malicious files, analyzing digital frauds, detecting, monitoring and mitigating threats. Where combat threats such as phishing, malware and pharming.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2008-2012)

Working as a Server administrator Content management system (CMS), Learning management system (LMS) coding and setting, support to tutors and professors from University related to the server, server hardening.


Lucas received a BA in Philosophy (researching polis and cyberspace) from UNISINOS (University of Sinos Valley) in 2012.