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Country: USA
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Marc Ostrofsky is the Founder of Internet REIT and CEO at Multimedia Ventures. He is also an author, known for his bestselling book Get Rich Click!.[1]


Mr. Ostrofsky was a domainer before he wrote his first book. He is the founder and co-founder of several web properties. Mr. Ostrofsky currently owns,, and is a major shareholder in[2]

In 1999, he sold the domain to eCompanies for $7.5 Million and consequently landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive domain ever sold.[3] He sold the domain to another competitor for $10 Million.

He bought from a doctor whose son had created a very crude site. He paid for the purchase of the domain within 2.5 years. He still holds the domain and is waiting for the right offer to come to sell the domain. He also owns and, he uses these websites to point traffic to a third-party website that send him 10% of the profits each month. He also owns other names, including,,,,,,, .net and .org,,, and 300 others.[4]

Career History

Mr.Ostrofsky has founded five IT magazines and several trade shows. He is one of the pioneers of the voice mail/voice processing market, the private payphone market, the operator services market, the telecom reseller & VoIP market and the prepaid telephone card market in the United States.

He also founded, an international domain name registry service that was sold to Network Solutions, and is now a division of Verisign. Marc Ostrofsky created the Internet Commerce Association.[5]

Awards and Recognition

  • Get Rich Click was #1 on USA TODAY Bestselling books, #1 on the Wall Street Journal Bestselling business books list, #1 on Barnes & Noble as well as #1 in multiple categories.[6]
  • After the success of his book, he appeared on ABC's better TV and News May on CBS. He was also featured on The View.[7]
  • He was called the Technology Wildcatter" in the Houston Business Journal[8]
  • Ms. Ostrofsky purchased a sculpture and then worked with the Mayor of Houston to donate the piece to the City of Houston. It now resides at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Terminal B.
  • He received Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst and Young.[9]

Meetings and Conferences

He is a professional speaker and regularly speaks domestically and internationally:

  • He was a featured speaker at Yanik Silver's Underground 2011 event.
  • He is currently booked to be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East in August 2011.[10]

Personal Life

Early Life

Marc Ostrofsky still fondly remembers his first forays into business, a lemonade stand and washing his neighbors' cars. Other early entrepreneurial highlights include turning down work with a young startup in college, the project went on to become DELL computers.

Marc Ostrofsky was born in Los Angeles, his dad was a professor at UCLA.

On June 29, 2008, he was married to Beverle in Aspen, Colorado. He like photography, playing golf and traveling. He has five daughters and currently resides in Houston.[11]

Beginning of Work and the Internet Industry

After graduating from college, he joined a national magazine thanks to his experience with his entrepreneurial businesses in the college. As a result of this magazine publicity, he received several job offers but refused them because he wanted to do "his own thing". From there he later joined the telecommunications industry and quickly excelled therein.

His sister Keri inspired him to join the domain industry. His sister became a professor at the University of Texas after completing Ph.D. from Harvard. In 1994, Marc went to speak to his sister's class about business and she showed him the "Internet". He came home and began searching domain names. After some search, he decided to buy He consulted his father and bought the domain for $150K. He sold this domain for $7.5million in 1999, he used much of the money to further reinvest in domains.[12]

Fun Fact

His daughters Kelly and Shelly are identical twins, and they graduated co-valedictorians of their high school.


He holds a BBA with a major in Marketing from the University of Texas.[13]


He published his first book, Get Rich Click, in 2011. Mr. Ostrofsky has announced that he is currently working on his next book, entitled, Word of Mouse.[14]

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