Marcelo Fernandes Costa

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Country: Brazil
Email: marcelo [at]

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Marcelo Fernandes Costa is a currently a Board Member and Advisor of the[1][2]

Marcelo Fernandes Costa has been selected multiple times as the representative of the third sector of; [3] which is mainly concerned with charity work, volunteering, and non-profit activities.[4]

Mr. Costa is an executive member in ICANN's Non-Commercial Users Constituency, representing Latin America and the Caribbean.

Professional Experience

Marcelo Fernandes Costa is the founder and chairman of the Committee for Democratization of Information in Pernambuco.[5] Furthermore, Marcelo is also the founder and director of the Institute of Porto Digital and a leading partner of the Avina Foundation, which is in charge of the social development and leadership improvements for Latin America and the Caribbean.[6]


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