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Country: Armenia
Email: mariam.martirosyan [at]
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Mariam Martirosyan is the Country Director for the Armenia Office of Project Harmony Inc.[1] She is also a Fellow of the Carnegie Foundation's and Eurasia Foundation's Caucasus Resource Centre. Ms. Martirosyan is a Manoukyan Public Service fellow, and a member of the Public Board formed by the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Education and Science to monitor the situation of Armenia's special schools for children with disabilities and with delinquent behavior.[2]

Career History

Mariam Martirosyan has been working in different roles at Project Harmony since 2003; Project Harmony is a non-profit education-focused organization pushing the standards for what students can do during their schooling.[3]

She was a part of the United States Peace Corps, and was involved in creating proper education settings for children, and helping families and teachers learn how to teach their children how to succeed in life.[4]She has seven years of experience with program needs assessment research and grant-making, projects set-up, development and implementation, and small grants management.[5]


Ms. Martirosyan holds a Red Diploma of Academic Excellence (TEFL as a major area) from Vanadzor State Teacher-Training University, and a Master of Arts in Gender and Culture Program from the Central European University of Budapest, Hungary. She is also an alumna of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government program on Executive Leadership.[6]

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