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Country: Chile
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Mario Ignacio Artaza was the Consul of Chile in Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR from October 2010 to 2014. He is a career diplomat who previously has served in Singapore and in the People's Republic of China. He was in Hong Kong since for four years and was actively involved in promoting bilateral relationships as well as supporting the Chile-Hong Kong, China Free Trade negotiation process and its implementation.[1]

ICANN Involvement

For ICANN 46, Artaza was Chile's GAC representative.

His primary interests in GAC lie in improving internet access for youth, cybersecurity issues, and advancing the use of the internet and its tools for entrepreneurship and innovation.[1]

During his diplomatic career, Artaza has been the Head of the Asia and Oceania Department at the General Directorate of International Economic Affairs for the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a Director and Trade Representative for ProChile Beijing, and at the APEC Secretariat in Singapore as Director (Program), amongst other responsibilities. He was part of the core team responsible for the substantive agenda during the APEC Chile 2004 Year. [2]

Fun Facts

Artaza likes photography and writing about Chile in the Asia Pacific region in different media. His articles are published not only in Chile, but also in China, Singapore, the United States and in Hong Kong. He is also interested in listening to people's views on a more interactive Asia-Pacific region, since he has been working in Asia-Pacific issues since 1997.[1]


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