Markus Germann

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Organization: Key-Systems
Affiliation: GNSO
Country: Germany
Email: mgermann [at]
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Markus Germann is the Head of Support at KSregistry, where he is responsible for the support of KSregistry's back-end customers as well as .vg and .gd registrars. He is also a Registry Liaison Manager at Key-Systems, a company with which he has been since January 2009. There, he manages registrar and registry communication with ccTLD and gTLD registry operators, by onboarding new gTLD registries and offering technical evaluations of new gTLDs.[1]

As of ICANN 52 in Singapore, he had attended over two ICANN conferences, as well as the New Domains conference.[2]

Career History

Markus joined the Key-Systems Team in January 2009 as an RRPproxy support agent. In the same year, he also became a key account support agent for high-value customers of RRPproxy. Since November 2011 Markus took over the newly created role as Registry Liaison Manager responsible for communication with registries worldwide. In July 2012 Markus additionally became Head of Support for KSregistry responsible for 1st and 2nd Level registrar Support.

Before Key-Systems Markus was working as System Administrator and Data Analyst at a German Federal Law Enforcement Service after he had served 8 years in NATO for the German Airforce on Ramstein AFB.


Markus has earned a degree as certified engineer in the fields of computer science at the technical college in Kaiserslautern.


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