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Country: Germany
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Markus Schnermann is the Managing Director of Domain Invest S.A. and General Manager of GmbH.[1]

Career History

Mr. Schnermann has been active in the Internet industry since 1997. He began as a private domainer while working as an Online Marketing Specialist for a German Insurance Company. He founded in 2000, which is one of the biggest German Online Forums for domainers.[2]

In 2003, he founded[3] He has been referred to as a superstar of the domain industry because of his work.[4]

Early Life

Markus's father was a brickmaker, while his mother was a housewife. Markus had spastic cerebral palsy while he was young and therefore required constant therapy. Markus tells that it took him a while to learn to speak or walk and when he made it to school the teachers never expected him to become a bright student. At the age of 11, his parents were told that he could never be independent. However, he started recovering as he grew.

Interest In Computer

Markus's interest in computers developed in the early 80's as he learned Basic on a Commodore C64; he later became an active member of the PC generation.[5]

He says that he never had a goal to become a domainer. He started work in the construction business and then became a guard at a public school. When he met his wife Susanne he decided that he wanted to do something more. He then began to work with handicapped children.

The First Domain

While studying at the University of Dortmund, he came across the internet. He published his first homepage on He registered his first domain in 1997 after a trip to India, as he decided to make a website about travelling to India. However, when he tried to register a domain, he saw that all the generic names he could come up with were all taken. He registered the domain (All about India), and from then on he started registering as many domains as he could afford.

He studied web designing and programming and got a degree as a Web Designer, he continued to learn more about the Internet and SEO.

When he started selling domains, he used all the profits to buy more domains. He eventually started[6]


Markus lives with his wife, Susanne, and their two sons, Leander and Valentin, in Muenster, Germany. He loves travelling, playing golf and riding his BMW 1200 GS.