Matilda Pamao

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Affiliation: PNG University of Technology
Country: Papua New Guinea

Matilda Pamao is from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and works with the PNG University of Technology, which is the ccTLD manager for .PG.


Pamao is an ICT Support Officer - ICT Department, Papua New Guinea University of Technology, LAE, PNG.

Her work history includes:

1.    Installation, configuration and maintenance of computer systems and ensure upgrade is in tune with     global changes

2.    Manage and work with a team of support staff to appropriately support client queries to Internet/Email access, other networked facilities, hardware, and software and application issues

3.    Planning and coordinating training for trainee students

4.    Maintain an updated registry of computer equipment

5.    Supporting DB Management

ICANN Involvement

Matilda is an ICANN fellow and an alumnus.

Her first was ICANN 49 in Singapore after which she was completely left in awe of how big and diverse ICANN's functions were. Although she is still learning from the Internet Space and ICANN community, she is more vocal now than before about the benefits and usage of Internet and use every chance at work to promote it. During International Girls in ICT Day, she introduced ICANN and its functions to young females and had amazing responses. Surprisingly Internet was entirely new to many of them. She sees a need in my country for more such events to expose One Global Internet and ICANN’s work. She now has the support to promote ICT and the Internet to their young population.

ICANN 57 Hyderabad was her second meeting. She attended the meeting with ccNSO in mind and looked forward to personally understanding the functions and learning how .pg fits into ICANN although it is already a member of ccNSO.


2005 - 2006:    Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Information Technology, PNG University of Technology, Morobe Province, PNG

2003 – 2004:   Diploma↵in Commerce, Commercial Computing, PNG University of Technology, Morobe Province, PNG