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Affiliation: ZookNic
Country: USA
Email: zook [at]


Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @mattzook

Matthew Zook is the Principal at ZookNic, a domain name data aggregation and analysis service. He is also a Professor a the University of Kentucky, specializing in research related to technological change and geographies of globalization.[1]

He is involved with multiple geo-related mapping organizations, such as New Mappings Collaboratory, an initiative at the University of Kentucky that is dedicated to innovations in mapping through place-based thinking, analysis, and representation.[2] He also works with Floating Sheep, a less academic site dedicated to mapping and analyzing geocoded data from user-generated sources such as Twitter.[3]

Career History

In the 2007-2008 academic year, Zook was a Fullbright scholar using his time to study Estonia's information society and economy, in an attempt to explain why the country has one of the highest use of mobile devices and wifi in the world.[4] He also led the Internet Geography Project at UC Berkeley, which tracked the commercial use of the Internet worldwide.[5]


In 2012, Zook contributed articles to The Economist entitled The New Local, about the increasingly intertwined nature of physical and digital worlds and The World In Your Pocket, which addresses digital mapmaking.[6]

Zook categorizes his research into four general categories[4]:

  • Geography of E-Commerce - how IT and the Internet interact with economic systems;
  • Software-Created Spaces (Code-Space) - how code, space, and place interact with the use of digital and mobile technologies;
  • Internet Geographies - how Internet networks affect places and people;
  • Global Air Travel Geographies - how differences in history, position, and power affect the distance and position of different players in the global economy.

On these topics, he has extensively written as well as collaborated on many publications[7], including but not limited to:

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Fun Fact

Zook once used domain name analytics to testify in federal court regarding the geography of the adult industry.[1]


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