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This meta space for ICANNWiki Development is aimed at coordinating tasks between different developers and contributors. It is not intended to be directly edited by the broader public, but all users are encouraged to follow it and provide input to the plans laid out here.

Backend development

Task Description Status Owner
Update backend to latest MediaWiki version Get the wiki to latest long term support version in order to benefit from updated resources, such as new API calls, modernized skins, and bug fixes. Ongoing User:MarkAHershberger
Fix "CiteThisPage" extension

Remove inwiki links to reference styles or make the links outbound

Not started User:MarkAHershberger
Rebuild Sponsorship page Sponsorship Options Needs to be retooled to work with mobile and be updated to current projects goals. Not started User:MarkWD
Improve metadata for external links to ICANNWiki Currently the wiki does not feature rich metadata, and when linked from the outside, it produces only an ICANN logo. Not started User:MarkWD & User:MarkAHershberger
Implement a solution for dynamic graphs display This would be handled by the "Graphs" extension, except it is completely broken as of 2024[1][2]. A custom implementation can be worked out, but needs to be planned properly. Not started User:MarkWD & User:MarkAHershberger
Fix "HotCat" extension error Using "HotCat" to categorize a page from its bottom bar consistently throws the user to an edit page containing "It appears that your browser does not support Unicode. It is required to edit pages, so your edit was not saved." However, it does work otherwise, so it's probably an exception that needs to be caught. Not started User:MarkAHershberger
Remove deprecated "Badge" link from "mw-head" Apparently only removable from the PHP side. Not started User:MarkAHershberger
Add dark theme Dark mode is a modern option preferred by many tech workers. It is now fully implemented in a series of ways, though not directly in Vector. We should implement it as a toggle in the wiki's top bar. We just need to choose one of the four approaches available: Manual:Dark_mode Not started User:MarkAHershberger & User:MarkWD
Create "Curated page" template We need a template to indicate protected pages that are only editable by admins due to content curation reasons. Not started User:MarkWD
Check parsing of desirable functions in Templates Currently parsing seems to be restricted or otherwise problematic. Not started User:MarkWD & User:MarkAHershberger
Create a world map correlating with ccTLD articles For a more visual and interactive experience for readers. Not started User:MarkWD
Rethink and fix nTLDStats data integration Find a new way to correctly integrate nTLDStats into the wiki, if desirable. Not started User:Ray & User:MarkWD & User:MarkAHershberger
Check and fix Common.js The calls being made seem to be problematic and outdated to some degree. Not started User:MarkWD & User:MarkAHershberger
Add licenses to the file uploader Our file uploader currently doesn't have any licenses in its combo box for users to choose, which is problematic. Not started User:MarkAHershberger
Analyze Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector and Extension:Translate It is unclear how this extension interacts with our wiki and with our implementation of multiple languages in general. Not started User:MarkWD
Study and categorize our existing Namespaces Help:Namespaces Not started User:MarkWD
Study and document Extension:Page Schemas Extension:Page Schemas Not started User:MarkWD
Implement Extension:PageNotice where appropriate After review of Namespaces. Not started User:MarkWD
Scope displaying a random card from ICANNWiki decks within a box To make good use of our cards, we could display a random card at the portal towards one of the top corners, dynamically changing it with every user visit. How to execute this is unclear and will require scoping. Not started User:MarkWD
Implement "Lingo" extension "Lingo" is a stable and well-maintained extension that enables word definition on hover for admin-defined terms on all pages. For a heavy acronym space like ICANN, this is much more desirable than forcing users to open multiple tabs to be able to read an article. Available at: [3] DONE User:MarkAHershberger
Align mobile and desktop CSS Make them similar even if not the same. DONE User:MarkWD
Re-code Sponsors template The current template has a hard-coded implementation that doesn't scale correctly. DONE User:MarkWD
Remove "Mailing List" from sidebar The mailing list doesn't exist anymore and leads to a 404. DONE User:MarkWD
Extensions for removal Collection, Poem DONE User:MarkAHershberger
Extend user session login Accounts get logged out even upon electing to keep the session logged in. This limits user engagement and should be fixed. DONE User:MarkAHershberger
Reconfigure or remove Extension:MobileFrontend This extension doesn't appear to have a front-facing configuration page at the moment, meaning that it hijacks the mobile layout to a pretty barebones one. DONE User:MarkAHershberger & User:MarkWD
Enable in-wiki playback of audio and video files EmbedVideo documentation and testing. DONE User:MarkWD
Fix main page for mobile view Main page overflows incorrectly due to hard coding. DONE User:MarkWD

Content development

For existing documentation, see: Meta:ICANNWiki Content Planning.

Task Description Status Owner
Individualization of ccTLD pages There is great inconsistency in how ccTLDs are represented, some by their TLD, while others are just redirects to their managers. Each ccTLD should have an article standing by itself. Ongoing User:Christiane
Evaluate and organize categories An excess of categories has proliferated over the years, many irrelevant or orphaned. The wiki needs to be organized in this area in order to increase its relevance. Not started User:Christiane
Validate and replace reference links for WebArchive permanent versions As time goes by, reference links become dead and we lose track of their validation of information presented on the wiki. An effort needs to be carried out to replace these references with more permanent versions or even host local copies. Not started User:MarkWD
Permanent copies of Internet Governance documentation: Internet Governance Atheneum ICANNWiki should aim to become a neutral repository of documents that inform Internet Governance history, including PDFs, images, mailing list excerpts, and so on. Not started User:Christiane & User:MarkWD
Rethink logo The proportions of the current logo are arbitrary and make it difficult to integrate into layouts that expect wide or square aspects. A study needs to be carried out to define potential modernized looks. Not started User:MarkWD & User:Ray
Celebration of 20 Years of ICANNWiki The wiki completes 20 years of activity in 2025, making that general date perfect to carry out a campaign. Not started User:MarkWD & User:Ray
Standardization and documentation of ICANNWiki practices The wiki does not have consistency over nomenclatures, formats, and presentation. This includes acronyms, redirects, article structure, and so on. DONE User:Christiane
Content plan: Phase 1 Content plan to steer the community in a clear direction based on the identified needs of the wiki. DONE User:Christiane & User:MarkWD
Implement templates for special article states Template:Major articles parallel with Wikipedia, Template:Articles needing attention, Template:Candidates for deletion. DONE User:MarkWD
Redesign main page Redefine the purpose of the main page and ensure that it reflects the goals of the content plan. DONE User:MarkWD & User:Ray
Toolset for content analysis Set of Python tools to enable better understanding of the wiki's structure, existing content, gaps, and other useful metrics. DONE User:MarkWD & User:Christiane