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Country: Canada
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Michael Young is the Chief Technical Officer, and a founding member of Architelos, a Top-Level Domain consulting and managed registry services company. As CTO, Mr. Young administers product development, technology and security, integration services and supports delivery platforms. Michael’s 20+ year carerr covering many core functions in technology such as research and development, operations, project management and development, data services, quality assurance, and customer service.[1]

He was involved with ICANNs Regsitry Stakeholder Group earlier in his career while working at Afilias.[2]

Career History

Mr. Young began his career with positions in the Financial and Supply sectors, where he implemented innovative solutions for product management and financial tracking. In 2001, Michael was hired at Afilias as the Vice President of Product Development. Michael worked with Afilias for nearly 10 years.

In June 2011, Architelos hired Michael to manager their Technology strategy.[3]


Michael received his BA from the University of Toronto in 1993, and later, in 2006, his MBA in Finance and International Business, Cornell University