Mohamed Majdoubi

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Affiliation: IGMENA/HIVOS Foundation
Country: Morocco
Email: med.majdoubi [at]

Mohamed Majdoubi is an Internet Policy Analyst, working with IGMENA and HIVOS specifically on issues such as freedom of expression, digital rights, data protection, privacy, censorship and surveillance. He is involved with the Moroccan Government of Youth as a young Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament and Civil Society.

He is an active member in a lot of international ICT events concerning digital rights and IG in Turkey, Tunisia, and Lebanon.


Majdoubi would like to be an active and responsive member of ICANN and to be an engaged leader within the different spheres of IG process.

He is keen to share views on the process that advocates in terms of IG process and would like to support the implementation of inclusive civil society policies in Morocco and the MENA region. [1]


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