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Monty Moose is a stuffie owned by a second grade class in Belcarra, B.C. (near Vancouver), Canada. Monty is a well-travelled ICANN participant, having attended meetings on four continents: in Cape Town, South Africa; Mar Del Plata, Argentina; Vancouver, Canada; Wellington, New Zealand; and Marrakech, Morocco.

Monty will be applying to the NomCom next year for a seat on the ICANN Board. His primary platform demand is "less cheese, more pond lilypads" for the reception events. He also wants representation for the (apparently) un-represented four-footed Internet Users' Constituency.

Additionally, Monty is looking for partners in his planned application for a new .fff gTLD, a domain for the furred, feathered, and finned. Anyone need a spokesmoose?

Mr. Moose can be a bit bull-headed at times, so he fits right into the ICANN crowd.

Look for Monty near ALAC meetings or foraging near the pool.

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