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Affiliation: VP to the Senate, Bolivia
Country: Bolivia
Email: nelida.sifuentes[at]senado.gob.bo

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Nélida Sifuentes Cueto is Bolivia's first Vice President to the Senate. She began serving in this role in 2009, representing the Movimiento Al Socialismo (Movement Towards Socialism) party, and was re-elected for a second term from 2015 to 2020.[1][2]

Her prior experience includes:[2]

  • Serving as Executive to the province of Tomina and General Secretary to F.U.T.P.O.CH. (Federación Única de Pueblos Originarios de Chuquisaca, or the Unified Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Chuquisaca), from 2004 to 2006.
  • Serving as Leader of the Community in Canton Tarabuquillo and General Secretary of the Tomina Province in 2003
  • Becoming the President of the Union of Reporters of Chuquisaca
  • Joining Radio ACLO in Chuquiasaca as a reporter at the young age of 15

Developments & Accomplishments

At a Internet Governance conference, organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), in 2016 January, Sifuentes presented Bolivia's progress on issues of ICT.[3] Her dissertation revolved around the Patriotic Bicentennial Agenda 2025 which seeks to eradicate poverty in Bolivia, and one of the pillars to achieve this goal is the science and technology.

Developments noted by Sifuentes included:[3]

  • The growth of internet access in Bolivia, from 764,670 in 2009 to six-and-a-half million by 2015, and from cities to more rural areas
  • Launching of the Tupac Katari satellite services, which allowed rural areas access to information through free TV channels
  • Effective delivery of free computers for teachers and students in their last year of junior high school[4]

In 2015 February, Sifuentes presented an idea to "improve virtual public services, strengthening Bolivia's sovereignty and computer security in the management of the digital information of state institutions and privacy of users' data", through the creation of a cloud computing system for data storage. The system would be called Sumaj Wakaycha, and would be created by the Public Works Ministry within two years of the legislation being signed into law.[5]

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