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NOIF is the abbreviation for Notice of Intent (to form a new constituency). A NOIF is basically a form which needs to be submitted by an applicant who wishes to form a new GNSO constituency. The NOIF is not a substitute for the formal petition requirements as stipulated under ICANN's bylaws. It is also not any kind of receipt or acknowledgment or acceptance. The main purpose of the NOIF is to notify the ICANN Board as well as the public and the community at large about the intention of the applicant to form a new GNSO constituency. The NOIF is provided not only to the Board but is also sent to the GNSO Council and its constituencies. This usually happens through the process of public posting.[1]

The NOIF concept was introduced by the ICANN staff. The ICANN Board, in a meeting held on October 1, 2008, hailed its staff for coming up with the idea of the NOIF and also directed its staff to come up with a charter template and formal petition that would assist the new constituency applicants as well as satisfy the formation criteria in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws.[2]

Contents of the NOIF

The NOIF contains questions and details about the applicant and the reason for why the applicant needs or wants to form the GNSO constituency. The following are some of the sections included in the NOIF and are required to be filled by the applicant:

Section 1.0: Constituency Mission/Purpose
1.1 The name or the title applicant wishes for the constituency.
1.2 Intended purpose of the constituency.
1.3 The reason why this constituency will enhance the GNSO’s ability to carry out policy-development responsibilities.
1.4 How the constituency will augment the value of the GNSO and ICANN’s existing structures?

Section 2.0: Membership
2.1 Information regarding membership representation.
2.2 The number of current membership, its size, its reach as well exposure towards the public.
2.3 What kind of organizations would be allowed to join the constituency?
2.4 How the constituency would provide adequate representation to members at the International level?
2.5 Plans for recruitment and expansion.[3]