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Country: Japan
Email: maruyama [at]

Naomasa Maruyama is the Vice President of JPNIC and an Associate Professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo.[1]

Career History

Mr. Maruyama has been the Chairman of the Rules Working Group,[2] an ISOC Advisory Council Representative,[3] and the co-chair of the Elections Committee at MINC. He's actively involved in outreach efforts for Internet Governance in Japan. In 2000, he led the Host Committee at ICANN Yokohama.[4]

He has been assisting JPNIC since its inception in 1991 in a wide range of activities including IP address allocation/assignment business as a National Internet Registry (NIR) and JP domain name allocation business until the re-delegation of .jp to JPRS (Japan Registry Service) in 2002. He has been an auditor[5] and a Steering Committee member at JPNIC.[6]

Meetings and Conferences

He attended ICANN Yokohama,[7] ICANN Sao Paulo,[8] ICANN Uruguay,[9] and ICANN Sydney.[10] He also participated in the APNIC Policy SIG in 2005.[11] Naomasa attends APTLD meetings[12] and ccTLD Constituency meetings.[13]

Maruyama represented IGFT Japan in the Internet Governance Discussion in 2005[14] and was a panelist at IPv4 to IPv6: challenges and opportunities in 2007.[15]

He attended APRICOT 99[16] and the IFWP meeting in 1998.[17] He was a speaker at WIPO Internet Domain Name Process in 1998.[18]


He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, both from the Department of Mathematics of University of Tokyo.



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