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Type: Private
Industry: Ecommerce
Founded: Worcester MA, 1999
Headquarters: Matthews, North Carolina
Apopka, FL, USA
Hsin Chu, Taiwan
Products: Sportswear
Facebook: National Sportswear
LinkedIn: National Sportswear
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@NationalSportswear
Key People
Duncan Benedict CEO National Sportswear Inc.,
Honorary Chairman Business Advisory Council FL, USA

National Sportswear was founded in December of 1999 and established it's internet presence in January of 2000. It is a registered corporation with several branches in the United States and Asia. Although it's main source of revenue is generated through corporate branding for commerce, eCommerce, non profit organizations and government institutions. It's goal is to establish a model for which new companies and existing companies can follow to generate ethical trade practices on the internet and eliminate consumer confusion.

The philosophy behind protecting the consumer against confusion also establishes the legitimacy of internet eCommerce and branding by using these ethical methods while helping to eliminate cyber squatting tactics and corporate identification piracy.

Products and Services

According to its official website, National Sportswear provides custom decorated sportswear for consumers, corporations, non profit organizations and government agencies and it's own decorated brand which is sold to the consumer and retailers alike. It also develops online software that promotes the communication between services and consumers, bringing them closer together through online communications such as online design software that allows the end user to design their artwork and super impose it on to a variety of sportswear or other products. Once they save their work, it is received and can be reproduced for those online users.

Trademark and Domain

In October, 2005, National Sportswear registered it's first Federal Servicemark and Trademark for the purpose of protecting consumers from commercial name and brand confusion and in 1999 registered it's domain names to establish an internet presence and name recognition through ICANN

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