Nazmul Hasan Majumder

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Organization: Bangladesh School of Internet Governance (bdSIG)
Affiliation: bdSIG, BIGF, APSIG, APrIGF, BYIGF
Region: Asia
Country: Bangladesh


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Nazmul Hasan Majumder

Nazmul Hasan Majumder, A Computer Engineer & Tech Evangelist in Bangladesh. An article contributor of ‘An Asia Internet History’ Fourth Decade (2011-2020) book edited by Professor Kilnam Chon and contributing to bdSIG (Bangladesh School of Internet Governance) from the beginning of its establishment in 2017 as founding member, and I am also Vice-Chair & National SIG Co-Coordinator of Bangladesh School of Internet Governance which is affiliated with Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG). Besides this, a leading researcher in the field of e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh with more than 10 years of experience. I worked for e-CAB(e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh) from its starting journey in 2014 to expand the e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh and implementing its first training program and course curriculum in 2016 as one of the teacher and course curriculum committee members for entrepreneurs of the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh under the LICT project, ICT division of ICT Ministry, Bangladesh, collaboration with University of Dhaka. Alongside, I am feature writer of ‘Computer Jagat’, the first ICT magazine of Bangladesh since 1991. I am also a fellow of APSIG (Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance) 2020, fellow of inSIG (India School on Internet Governance) 2022, selected for APrIGF (Multi-stakeholder Steering Group) member. I am the founding member of the Bangladesh Youth Internet Governance Forum as a Co-Chair from 2021 to enhance & expand the youth activities for the youths of country. I also worked for the few e-learning platforms in Bangladesh that helped more students to develop their education.