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Affiliation: Information Society Department
Country: Bulgaria
Email: nstoyanova [at]
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Nelly Stoyanova is the Head of Policy and Development of the Information Society Department within the Bulgarian Government's Ministry of Transport, IT, and Communications. She is also the Director of Information Society and IT Directorate at the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications.[1] [2] Ms. Stoyanova is also the GAC Representative for Bulgaria.[3]

She is also the National Delegate in the European Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme; her term began in 2007 and is expected to end in 2013. Nelly serves as the Administrative Manager at Bulgarian Supercomputing Center.[4]

Ms. Stoyanova actively attends ICANN Meetings. She attended ICANN Delhi,[5] ICANN Sydney,[6] ICANN Seoul,[7] and ICANN Nairobi.[8] She also attends IGF Meetings.[9]

Career History

Ms. Stoyanova started her career working as a Chief Expert of Electricity and Magnetism at the National Centre of Metrology in 1992, she worked there until 1999 and then joined the State Telecommunications Commission as an Expert in License Policy. From 1995 to 2000, she also taught at Technical University.

In 2000, she started working as the Head of Sector of Information Society Development at the Ministry of Transport and Communications and then in 2005, she became Director of Information Society and Information Technologies at the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications.[10]


She holds and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria


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