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Country: Switzerland
Email: nah.maillist [at]
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Nick Ashton-Hart is the Principal at Consensus Optimus. While he currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland, he is a citizen of the USA and UK.[1]

he has also been recently working with Google, and as the Geneva representative to the Computer and Communications Industry Association. He was nominated to be an ISOC trustee in 2011.[2]

Career History

ICANN Involvement

Mr. Ashton-Hart was involved with ICANN from 2006 until 2010. He began as a consultant working with the European and African At-Large Community, and was promoted to the At-Large Directorial position in 2007.[3] In 2009, he was named the Senior Director for Participation and Engagement ICANN. The latter position was created following the departure of Kieren McCarthy as the General Manager of Public Participation.[4]

Other Work

From 2000 until 2004, Nick Ashton-Hart was the Managing Director for Subversive Music Management and its European counterpart, which represents international musicians such as James Brown,[5] and Heaven 17.[6] While working in the music industry he was also the Executive Director of the International Music Managers Forum.[7] As Chief Executive of the NGO, he was responsible for managing its staff and budget and representing the body within other forums, such as the U.N. and WIPO.[8]

He has also worked as a consultant in both the IT sector and the realm of NGOs. This diverse experience has seen him working with intellectual property, UN panels on urban development, and more generally help NGOs and multi-stakeholder organizations work together.[9][10]

Meetings and Conferences

  • Keynote speaker at MusicTank's debate on the proposed Sony BMG merger in 2004.[11]
  • Panelist at New Relationships Between Creative Communities and Consumers, hosted by the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue in 2006.[12]
  • Speaker at 6th Annual Meeting of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialog.[13]

External Links

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