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Country: Brazil
Email: ncleto [at]


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Nivaldo Cleto is the owner of Classico Consultoria.[1] He is also an Advisor to the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee of Brazil ( and is also a Board member of the Board of Trade of Sao Paulo (JUCESP), as a Representative of the Union.

Mr.Cleto has participated in the ICANN Nairobi,[2] ICANN Sydney,[3] ICANN Mexico City[4] and ICANN Seoul.[5]

Mr.Cleto has also participated in the WSIS India.[6]

Career History

  • Partner of Classic Consulting, Auditing and Accounting Technology S/C Ltd.
  • Legal Expert of the Labor Courts, and Federal Civil-Sao Paulo State
  • Chairman of the Board of Trade of Sao Paulo State Government
  • Director of Technology and Business - National Federation of Business Services Accounting, Advice, Expertise, Information and Research(FENACON)
  • Vice-President of Southeast Region, FENACON

Interviews and Talks


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