Nomsa Hazel Mlambo

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Organization: African Leadership Academy
Affiliation: NextGen@ICANN
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Region: Africa
Country: Zimbabwe
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Nomsa Mlambo is a member of the Next Gen program for ICANN59. Nomsa is an LLB graduate from the University of Cape Town and has a keen interest in access to justice. Nomsa currently lives in Johannesburg where she works with youth at African Leadership Academy to develop the next generation of African leaders. Nomsa was first introduced to the field of internet governance as a Youth at IGF Fellow, where she attended the 2016 Internet Governance Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico. From there, Nomsa’s passion to ensure good governance in her own country has only grown. Nomsa aspires to enter into policy-making in Zimbabwe where she hopes to address issues relating to local content and access to internet in remote communities. She is currently exploring the effect of local domain names will have on internet usage. When not researching internet governance, Nomsa runs an Event Planning business and enjoys singing and reading African literature. Nomsa is a member of the Brightest Young Minds Network and the Golden Key Honour Society.

Career History

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Youth@IGF Fellow, Internet Governance Forum 2016, Mexico


LLB, University of Cape Town



Ionann Criminal Justice Award, University of Cape Town Brightest Young Minds, South Africa Golden Key Honour Society, University of Cape Town