Oleksandr Tsaruk

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Organization: Parliament of Ukraine
Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Government/Inter-Governmental Organization
Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Country: Ukraine
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @oleksandr.tsaruk

Oleksandr Tsaruk had been a Chief Advisor on the Committee of Informatization and Informational Technologies at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine since March 2013 till July 2019. He provided the committee with policy analysis and legislation improvements on e-commerce, e-communications, e-governance, informational technologies, cybersecurity and internet governance.[1][2]

He was involved with ICANN as Ukraine's GAC representative, is a council member of th IDN ccTLD .УКР, and is a member of ISOC[2]

As of ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Tsaruk had attended over four ICANN Meeting, as well as IGF and IETF.[1]

During last years Mr. Oleksandr Tsaruk participated in a number of special trainings and schools, which significantly increased his knowledge and skills far from Masters and Candidate of Science majors in Economics and Statistics to Internet Governance, IT, Defence, Cybersecurity, and Policy Development. The following schools did the biggest contribution and let him act so actively and efficiently during the last two years: European School on Internet Governance, South School on Internet Governance, Kyiv School of Journalism, School of Legislation and Law Making, Bundeswehr Academy for Information and Communication, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.

He is also known as an independent expert on e-commerce and finance issues in the Ukrainian NGO community. By participating in the international exchange program, Legislative Fellowship Program, funded by the Department of State, where he got deep understanding of democratic traditions of government relations and advocacy as well as general principles of public administration. At The National Conference of State Legislatures, he conducted research on US Federal budget deficit and government debt policies.

At the Committee on IT in the Ukrainian Parliament where he has been working since 2013 he advises on e-commerce, e-communications, e-governance, cybersecurity, and internet governance issues. On May 2014 State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine, as a state entity responsible for on the Internet Governance, appointed him as Representative of Ukraine to Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN.

In 2013 Mr.Tsaruk designed the plan of the Committee on IT involvement into local and International Internet Governance institutions. Committee’s efficacy boosted in the sphere of policy implementation and involvement of the civil society with it. Mr.Tsaruk also engaged the Committee to conduct hearings on Safer Internet Day, Cybersecurity, Broadband Internet National Plan on a yearly basis.

Representing Ukraine at GAC ICANN he was one of the founders of Cyrillic Generation Panel where the issue of IDN email was raised for attracting more attention of stakeholders. To improve the understanding of IDNs Mr.Tsaruk had drowned attention of Internet protocols experts to the important issue of government stakeholder involvement to the domain industry. To manage this, he has been participating in IETF working groups and had been also selected by Next Generation Leaders Programmes of the Internet Society as Internet Engineering Task Force 92 meeting Fellow. For ICANN54 meeting on October 2015 (Dublin, Ireland) he was selected as Coach for Fellowships Programme and for ICANN50 as Fellow. ICANN51,55,58 participated as Ukraine GAC Representative.


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