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Status: Delegated
Date Implemented: 22 January 2015
Type: Generic
Category: Technology
Priority #: 822 - One.com A/S
850 - Radix (DotAbout Inc.)

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.one is a TLD delegated in ICANN's New gTLD Program. One.com A/S manages the TLD and is its Registry. The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the Root Zone on 22 January, 2015.[1]

Current Applicant

  1. One.com A/S

Previous Applicant

  1. Radix (DotAbout Inc.).[2]


Radix received a GAC Early Warning as an entire applicant, where each one of the applicants was flagged by the U.S. Government. This seems to be the only time a portfolio applicant had all of their applications warned. The issue does not deal with the technical capabilities or thematic content of their applications, but rather the inclusion of an email address associated with the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation. It seems that Radix included correspondence with this address as a recommendation with each of their applications.[3]

Private Auction

One.com won the rights to the .one string in a Private auction administered by Right of the Dot. The auction was a "single sealed bid second price" model, which means that both companies submit sealed bids, the bids are opened under video surveillance, and the winner pays the second-highest bid. In this case, the parties deposited their entire sealed bid with Escrow.com, and the winner was determined by who had the largest deposit. The auction marked the first private gTLD auction conducted by Right of the Dot.[4]