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The Open Data Initiative (ODI) is a project by ICANN with the goal of providing open access to raw data for the ICANN community established in 2016. The raw data include spreadsheets, databases, and data files rather than reports or other documents.[1]

In order to provide the raw data, ICANN aims to create a data publishing platform as well as processes for ICANN to publish the data to said platform.[2] These processes and procedures will include data standards and community engagement measures. They will also deal with privacy standards; ICANN has said it intends to “safeguard data from misuse and rigorously protect the public’s right to privacy.”[3] These data privacy mechanisms will work to redact or mask any confidential or sensitive data ahead of publication.

Current Status

The request for proposal for ODI is being developed.

Relation to Information Transparency Initiative (ITI)

ODI is commonly confused with the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI). The main difference between the two is that ODI deals only with raw data whereas ITI deals with information transparency of website content and documents. ODI calls for a new data publishing platform, and ITI calls for a new DMS and CMS to rebuild technical infrastructure and information management.[4]