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Type: Private
Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 1998
Founder(s): Yat Siu
Headquarters: Unit 411-415, Cyberport 1

100 Cyberport Road

Country: Hong Kong
Businesses: Orion OMG Solutions, Inc.
Employees: 201-500
Website: OutBlaze
Blog: OutBlaze
Facebook: OutBlaze
LinkedIn: OutBlaze
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@outblazecorp
Key People
Yat Siu, CEO

Tony Basoglu, CTO
Rita Kong, CFO
Richard Bye, Vice President
Stefano Bensi, Managing director
Matthew De Santis, Sales and account management
Suresh Ramasubramanian, Anti-spam operations

Outblaze is a web hosted applications provider. It is one of the few ICANN accredited white label service providers. It offers vast variety of hosted Web applications, games, digital media products and services including virtual community services, online transaction systems, web communication software, smartphone games and apps and social media applications.[1]

Outblaze is reported to provide white label services to over 75 million individuals, with 40 million multilingual email accounts operated by Outblaze, plus at least 35 million protected by Outblaze's anti-spam solution.[2][3] The company offers its services with security enabled features. Its mail boxes are spam protected.[4] It has offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and the Philippines.[5]

Outblaze sold its messaging assets to IBM in 2009 and became a part of LotusLive.[6][7] Important news about outblaze can be read here.


Outblaze has been in continuous lime light since its foundation in 1998. The company has received a number of awards for its services, its major achievements include:

  • Gold Award for Best Product in IT Excellence Awards 2002.
  • Linux Business Adoption Award 2003.
  • Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award 2003 for Best Communication Application.
  • Linux Business Award 2005.
  • Product Application Award in Golden Penguin Greater China OSS Competition 2005.
  • Technological Achievement Award in Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2005
  • Hong Kong ICT Award 2007.
  • Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award 2007 for Best Tools & Infrastructure Application.
  • I.T. Company of the Year by ComputerWorld Hong Kong Awards 2009.
  • Young Entrepreneur Award for Yat Siu in DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards 2009.[8]

Steps For Anti-Spam Environment

In 2005, the Outblaze Head of Anti-Spam Operations, Suresh Ramasubramanian, presented a report to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development about spam awareness and control in developing countries.[9] The Office of the Telecom Authority (OFTA) of Hong Kong consulted about the anti spam movements for improved security of its Internet services. With Outblaze's help, the government of Hong Kong adopted a range of measures to effectively combat spam, which include opt-in standards, prompt removal of spammers and hacked or insecure systems, adoption of authenticated email schemes, unequivocal anti-spam legislation, rapid response times at ISPs, and diffusion of better email marketing management techniques. The response was approved and endorsed by the Asia-Pacific chapter of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE).[10]


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