Owen DeLong

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Organization: Akamai Technologies, ARIN AC
Affiliation: ASO
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Private Sector - General Business/Legal
Technical Community
Region: North America
Country: USA
Email: owen@delong.com

Owen DeLong is currently a Senior Network Architect at Akamai. He also occasionally provides IP-related consulting and training services to other organizations. DeLong has been an IPv6 Evangelist and Director of Professional Services at Hurricane Electric, a Senior Backbone Engineer at Exodus Communication before working at Tellme Networks and Netli in both Network Engineering and Operations. A consultant (C2 Company), and Senior Operations Architect at Vusion, Inc. DeLong has been an active participant in the ARIN public policy process for more than a decade and has been involved in such landmark efforts as the creation of Provider Independent IPv6, moving the IPv4 PI boundary down to /22 and subsequently /24, special resource policies to assist in the AFRINIC startup, etc. Owen has always believed that ARIN's role is the equitable distribution of IP resources and continues to work toward that end. Owen has a special interest in policy as it relates to IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 deployment.