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Country: Cameroon
Email: simonoginni3[at]yahoo.com

LinkIcon.png   http://www.theowp.org

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Oyewole Oginni
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @simonoginni

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Oyewole Simon Oginni has been the Africa Deputy Director for Canada's Organisation for World Peace since April 2015, where he coordinates research on conflict management and resolution, peace-building, counter-terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization and developing proposal on the NextGen at ICANN Peace Builder projects in Africa.[1]

He has been a Lead Researcher at the Center for Women's Health and Adolescence Development, where he developed research architecture and trained staff members and field workers on data collection procedure, analysis, reporting and research ethics.

ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco was his first ICANN Meeting.[2]

Education & Training

Oyewole has several degrees, including:

He is a certified forensic investigator, a Fellow Alumni of Leading in Public Life, Graduate School of Development, Policy and Practice, University of Cape Town and NextGen@ICANN55 ICANN55.

Publications & Research

Oyewole is the author of "Survivability and Realiablity Principles: Black Box Forensic Cybercrime Investigation Model (BBFCIM)", currently under publication at IGI Inc.USA. He has reported extensively on terrorism in Africa and Middle East and has more than 21 publications in edited books, recognized peer-review journal and research books.[2]

He has also conducted research on cybercrimes and developed a model to tackle Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) of Cybercriminals, for independent forensic investigators focusing on digital economy and cybercrime.[2]

Interests & Hobbies

His interests include topics of Internet security and governance, cyber-security, intelligence gathering, crime analysis and mapping, cyber diplomacy, counter-terrorism and money-laundering; trans-border security, peace-building, forensic election, green economy and regional integration.

He enjoys critical thinking, traveling, and playing the piano.


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