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Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery (PEDNR) is a policy for use when a registrant wishes to recover a domain name after it has already expired. For the development of the policy, the PEDNR Working Group was formed to consider the following points:

  1. Whether or not the registrants of the domain names should be provided additional opportunity to redeem their expired domain names
  2. Whether the conditions or terms provided in the PEDNR agreement are clear and obvious enough for the registrants to understand and follow
  3. Whether the registrants are/will be adequately notified of the expirations earlier than the stipulated date of expiration
  4. Whether the domain name shall be transferred during the Redemption Grace Period (RGP).
  5. Whether it is necessary to use additional or alternative measures to notify the registrants about the expiration once the domain name enters the Auto Renew Grace Period, for example with a notice on the site with a link to information on how to renew the domain name.[1][2]


At ICANN's 2008 Cairo Meeting, it was brought to the Board's notice that there should be guidelines set regarding the recovery and renovation of a domain name once its expiration date approaches or has been exceeded. The At-Large Committee (ALAC) voted for a report to be submitted about allowing the registrants to recover their domain names after the expiration dates have been exceeded. ALAC considered that previous domain name recovery privileges were not effective, furthermore stressing the necessity for a viable recovery system, as the loss of a domain name can cause great hardship to the registrants. They argued that it may not only result in loss of utility time, but also indirectly damage the reputation of the registrants, or for some registrants to permanently loose business.

As a result, an Issues Report regarding the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery was submitted to the GNSO on December 2008. After considering this report, the GNSO Council initiated a PDP on 7 May 2009, creating a Working Group to discuss PEDNR and provide recommendations on related issues.[3][4]

The PEDNR WG submitted an initial report on 31st May 2010 based on their research. The report consisted of numerous suggestions to be considered by the GNSO council and ALAC for redefining the provisions for recovering expired domain names. Next, the draft was submitted for public comments; based on these comments, a final draft was created, then submitted on 23rd May 2011. The Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery final report is under consideration by ICANN’s GNSO council, after which it will be opened to public comment and recommendation. After these recommendations, the working group will submit its final draft.[5][6]