Panagiotis Papaspiliopoulos

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Country: Greece
Email: p.papaspil [at]
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Panagiotis Papaspiliopoulos is the General Directorate of Communications at the Hellenic Ministry of Communications & Transport.[1] He is responsible for the operational planning of SYZEFXIS,[2] and represents the Ministry of Communications and Transport at several organizations, such as the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI), TE-T, TE91 & TE93 Technical Committees of ELOT (The Hellenic Organization for Standardization).

He is also the National Liaison Officer of Greece for the European Network and Information Security Agency.[3]

Career History

Mr. Papaspiliopoulos joined the General Directorate of Telecommunications in July 2002 as a Telecommunications Expert. Before joining the Ministry of Transport and Communications, he worked as a Telecommunication Engineer at iTeam. From 1999-2001, he was a Telecom Engineer at Siemens.[4]


Panagiotis studied Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He holds a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol.[5]

Work with ICANN

  • Representative of Greece to the GAC.[6]
  • Representative of the Ministry of Transport & Communications to the Advisory Group IGF.
  • Representative to ICCP, CISP & WPISP Committees of OECD.
  • Representative to the HLIG & IIG Working Groups of European Commission.
  • He attends IGF meetings[7][8] and ICANN Meetings.[9]