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Country: Australia
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Paul Levins is currently the President at Intellectual Ventures for Australia and New Zealand. He has held this position since June, 2010. [1]

Professional Experience

Paul Levins has more than 25 years of experience in senior management levels as well as business and non-government sectors of activity, including:

  • Executive Officer and VP for ICANN on Corporate Affairs;
  • Corporate Affairs Manager at Telstra Corporation;
  • Group Managing Director, Operations and Corporate Affairs for Bilfinger Berger Australia; [2]
  • Chief of Staff in various Government Ministries such as the Health Ministry, Urban Affairs and Planning Ministry, Employment Services Ministry, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Ministry, Higher Education Ministry, Housing Ministry; [3]
  • Founder of Levins Consulting

Paul Levins and ICANN

Mr. Levins was the Executive Officer and VP for ICANN on Corporate Affairs from 2006 until January, 2010.[4] His main responsibilities included ICANN communication management, which involves media relations and public participation, meetings, and website development. During his time as Executive Officer at ICANN he was responsible for maintaining good communication between support functions and the ICANN Board. As a result of the growth of ICANN's community, there was a need for maintaining good communication regarding the requirements of the community.[5] He was also largely responsible for the agreement reached in 2009 between ICANN and the NTIA, the Affirmation of Commitments, allowing ICANN more freedom from the U.S. Government.[6]


  • Bachelor Degree at the Macquire University from Sydney;
  • Honorary Associate at the Graduate School of Government at the Sydney University. [7]


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