Ping Wong

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Country: Hong Kong
Email: ping[at]

Ping Wong is the Secretary General of ISOC Hong Kong; a postion which she has held since 2011. The chapter is sponsored by the Hong Kong government and promotes awareness of IT and Internet Governance topics, such as IPv6, DNSSEC, and facilitates projects to increase digital inclusion. [1] She has personally led projects related to youth empowerment, through the Youth Fighter Working Group,[2] and World IPv6 Day.[3] She is involved in ICANN's Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, and APNIC conferences, where she has also been a speaker.[4]

Ping Wong previously served as the Senior Business Development Manager of the DotAsia Organisation for more than 4 years. She was responsible for planning and executing of marketing programs, coordinating business relationships, identifying and developing business opportunities, and offering strategies for the organization.

Ping has been working as a marketing professional in the ICT industry since 1999. Other prior employers include a variety of telecom companies, including HKNet, Hutchinson Global Communications, and Pacific Century Cyberworks.[5]