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Organization: iQ Global AS
Region: North America
Country: USA
Email: pinky [at]
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   Pinky Brand
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   Pinky Brand
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Featured in the ICANN 49 - Singapore playing card deck

Pinkard Alan "Pinky" Brand has been involved in the domain name industry since 1996. He is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at iQ Global AS (formerly known as RegistryOffice), a position he has held since 2018. He also maintains his own consultancy to Registry and Registrar Operators as Managing Director of FocusNua USA (dba Pinky Brand Consulting.) He also serves as Vice President of TLD Registry Ltd. operator of two Top Level Domain IDNs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网).


Brand is also the Managing Director of FocusNua USA, dba Pinky Brand Consulting, PinkyBrand. Via iQ and Pinky Brand Consulting he provides business intelligence, abuse management, DevOps, private domain brokerage, and channel support services for new and existing TLDs and registrars and hosting service providers.

From 2006-2012 he served as Director of Global Sales for dotMobi (Afilias Technologies Limited), a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias Limited. He had oversight of sales, channel development and market evangelism of dotMobi's goMobi mobile website publishing service. He also shared responsibility for sales of the company's DeviceAtlas mobile device detection business as well as .mobi TLD domain name sales via accredited registrars. He was also involved in the allocation of premium and reserved .mobi domain names.

Pinky had the unique distinction of advising the founders and Board of Directors of the .mobi Top Level Domain on marketing, sales and policy during their successful sunrise, landrush, and general registration launch periods in 2006. He assisted them with the conception, development, marketing, promotion and execution of various .mobi domain services to targeted channels, including raising millions of dollars for the .mobi registry via auctions of its premium domain names.


Mr. Brand co-founded two international domain management companies; idNames, and Arcemus. The former was sold to Network Solutions in 1998, and the latter to Iron Mountain in 2004. Both companies emphasized the registration and management of ccTLD portfolios with Fortune 500 companies and other companies with trademark holdings that warranted being monitored and protected on a global scale. idNames was only 18 months old when it was purchased by Network Solutions, the purchase price was not disclosed;[1] the acquisition was undertaken due to Network Solutions' interest in expanding into the quickly growing ccTLD market of the time.[2] Iron Mountain's acquisition of Arcemus was integral to its formation of its Intellectual Property Services department.[3]

Pinky founded and presided over the Houston chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization, and he has a passion for advising start-up businesses.[4]