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PDP-WT is the abbreviation for Policy Development Process Work Team. The PDP-WT is one of the working teams in the Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC).[1]

The role of the PDP-WT

The PDP-WT is tasked with the development of appropriate operating principles, rules, and principles for the new Policy Development Process (PDP), as well as figuring out a means of implementation/transition for the new policy. It was recommended by the PDP Report that the PDP be better aligned with the contractual requirements of ICANN's registry and registrar consensus policies, as well as ICANN's strategic and operations plans; that the PDP better emphasize the amount of work required to create new policy; that it be more flexible than the current policy; and that there be a way to review the PDP periodically to determine whether it remains effective.[2]

The PDP-WT Participants

The PDP-WT is comprised of members from the GNSO Constituencies, the GNSO Council, and the ICANN community. There are also two members from the PPSC who serve as liaisons between the PPSC and the PDP-WT.