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The Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) process allows ICANN to determine if registries meet specific “technical and operational requirements”[1] deemed necessary to maintain a new gTLD. ICANN staff has estimated that the average length of PDT from starting PDT to receiving results has been 3-4 weeks, as opposed to the previously suggested 6 weeks.[2] PDT includes testing registry system operations and DNS server operational infrastructure. [3] Resources, from self-testing tools to PDT FAQs can be found on ICANN's Pre-Delegation Testing Page.

  • The PDT process is being changed and updated currently regarding data escrow requirements.[4]

Important Points

This image shows the broad stages of PDT and the number of applicants at each stage as of March 2014. [5]

ICANN identified key elements in PDT as:

  • Agreeing upon a test appointment date with ICANN through the Customer Service Portal
  • Beginning data entry after receiving notification and completing all entries before the test appointment
  • PDT service providers conduct the testing.
  • Registries are given their test results through the Customer Service Portal. [6]

Test Elements

  • DNS
  • EEP support
  • Whois support
  • IDN support
  • Data Escrow deposit
  • Documentation & Self-certification

More information on PDT test elements can be found on ICANN's Pre-Delegation Testing Page and in the Applicant's Guidebook, Module 5.