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The Public Responsibility department (PRD aka DPRD) aims to ensure that the Internet is stable, inclusive, and accessible across the globe and that all may enjoy the benefits of a single, open Internet and to build trust in the network and Internet governance.[1]



In November 2013, at ICANN 48, four strategy panels were introduced, one of which was the Strategy Panel on Public Responsibility. Its members included Nii Quaynor (chair), Tim Berners-Lee, Blake Irving, Soumitra Dutta, Nevine Tewfik, Bob Hinden, and Raúl Zambrano.[2] This panel was charged with proposing ICANN's role in promoting global public interest in ICANN's mission and core values and building an internationally diverse, knowledgeable, and engaged base of stakeholders in the developing world as well as developing five-year strategic objectives and milestones and a framework to implement said roles, objectives, and milestones. The ICANN Strategy Panel on the Public Responsibility Framework released its final report on May 15, 2014, which among other recommendations, resulted in the development of a public responsibility department to oversee ICANN's efforts at education, communication, and engagement with underserved publics.

Learning and Development

The PRD also oversees programs aimed at strengthening the diversity of the Multistakeholder Model by fostering opportunities for individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities to become active participants in the ICANN community.

L&D Leadership

L&D Projects

Public Interest Initiatives

  • Exploring the Public Interest within ICANN's Remit[3]
  • Human Rights Impact Assessment
  • Gender Diversity and Participation Survey
  • Age Diversity and Participation Survey
  • Supporting Auction Proceeds Discussions


  • ICANN Learn: an online learning platform designed to help the global community better understand how ICANN and the Internet work.
  • ICANN History Project: seeks to preserve ICANN's institutional memory by capturing stories from key figures who helped to shape the organization.
  • ICANN Academy Leadership Program: Helping current and incoming leaders better understand the complexity of ICANN and improve their facilitation skills.
  • Chairing Skills Program: Peer-coaches new ICANN Chairs.

Stakeholder Participation

ICANN's programs for raising awareness and encouraging participation in the multistakeholder model.

  • Newcomer Program: a starting point for Newcomers to understand ICANN and the Internet governance ecosystem.
  • NextGen@ICANN: regional outreach based on the location of the upcoming public meeting, offering new opportunities to the next generation of Internet users.
  • Fellowship Program: creates a broader, more globally diverse base of knowledgeable constituents to enhance the multistakeholder model.
  • Community Childcare Grants Pilot Program: facilitates in-person participation of community members with children at ICANN meetings.
  • Community Onboarding Pilot: (Inactive) was designed to improve engagement and retention with a structured, year-round onboarding process tailored by and for each community group.