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Industry: TLD
Country: Austria
Products: .wien
Website: punkt.wien GmbH
TLDs: 1
Registrations: 15,988

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Domain .wien

.wien is a new GeoTLD proposed by punkt.wien GmbH to ICANN's New gTLD Program for the City of Vienna. Nic.at was selected by punkt.wien GmbH to provide back-end registry solutions for the .wien domain space.

.wien is a proposed new top-level domain (TLD) aimed at all those who want to demonstrate an economic, cultural, touristic, historical, social, or any other connection to the Austrian capital WIEN (Vienna).
Along with TLDs such as .cat, .asia and .eu, .wien and other proposed TLDs fall into the new category of GeoTLDs. The issue of new top-level domains in general and .wien, in particular, has been discussed at various ICANN-Meetings since 2005.


In May 2012, punkt.wien GmbH applied for .wien via ICANN’s New gTLD Program with full support from the Vienna Government/Administration.

The applicant's rationale is that the .wien top-level domain is designed to serve the needs of the community of the City of Wien (English: Vienna). The local .wien domain names to become available via this TLD are concise and create a unique and individual identity for citizens, companies, and institutions. Those providing and looking for information, goods, and services in Wien can thus intuitively come together. The .wien domain names should strengthen the feeling of community amongst citizens and visitors of Wien, improve communication, and make interaction easier, thus providing a stimulus for innovation and development. The City of Wien will hopefully become an even more attractive place to visit, as a commercial location and as a place to live.[1][2]


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