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Affiliation: TechChix Tanzania
Country: Tanzania


Rebecca Ryakitimbo is a Co-founder and representative for Digitalgrassroots in Tanzania, a youth-led initiative to grow digital citizenship and literacy.

She is also one of the Co-founders and members of TechChix-Tanzania.

Ryakitimbo is also a writer,Coordinator and co-convenor of AruWSIG,TzSIG and TzIGF.She is also a member of the Tanzanian ISOC chapter,currently involved in promoting engagement of women in ISOC's beyond Net funded project "Piloting the use of TV-White-spaces to build community networks in rural Kondoa,Tanzania". In December 2017, Ryakitimbo traveled to Geneva, Switzerland for IGF 2017 as an IGF Fellow.[1]

Rebecca considers herself a STEAM and digital rights advocate, actively involved in internet governance forums/discussions at local, national and international levels, with a special emphasis on digital rights,content localization, gender inclusiveness and access.Rebecca will be attending this years Forum of Internet Freedom Africa (FIFA) in Accra,Ghana this coming September 2018 and AfriSIG in October 2018 as a fellow.

Career History

Kuza STEAM Generation(June 2018-Present)

Rebecca founded and heads KsGEN which focuses on building informed, skilled and innovative communities by working on digital rights ,STEAM projects,data and ICT Solutions to achieve SDG’s.

DIGITAL GRASSROOTS(December 2017-Present)

Rebecca and other ISOC Youth@IGF fellows co-founded Digital grassroots to build a diverse team of persons below 25 years of age, to be proactive in the multi-stakeholderism of Internet Governance and to increase digital citizenship in local communities.We have a goal of increasing digital literacy amongst the young population (14 - 29 years) globally in order to promote their activity as stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem at the most basic levels.

CASEC (February 2017-August 2018)

Rebecca as served the role of Project Coordinator for the equal rights to quality education project.

TechChix Tanzania (February 2016-June 2018)

Rebecca worked as the Director of Development for TechChix-Tanzania[2] her key roles included sourcing for partners, organizing events and new activities to be performed, leading a team of dedicated female technicians/engineers to reaching their prime objective of inspiring girls to join fields in STEM which is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This also included promoting women rights online via developing policies and awareness on the involvement of women in internet governance.

Arusha Times (September 2016-July 2017)

Rebecca served as a regular contributor to the local newspaper of Arusha Times on ICT topics.

Arusha Node Marie (June 2016-January 2017)

Rebecca worked as the Project Coordinator for ANM a society working towards ICT inclusion in education by providing free internet connection and resources to public owned schools within the vicinity of Arusha town in collaboration with Habari Node Limited, an internet service provider.[3]


Rebecca holds a BST in Electronics and communication technology from University of Eastern Africa, Bar, Baraton5).


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