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A registrant is a person, company, or entity that registers a Second Level Domain Name (SLD) through a Registrar. A registrant pays a yearly fee to the Registrar in order to own or license the SLD. The registrant may maintain the domain by paying the fee, let the domain expire by not paying the renewal fee, or sell the domain to another registrant in an auction, trade, or private deal.


Main Article: WHOIS

The owner or registrant of any particular domain name can be accessed via WHOIS. This means that when registering a domain name, the registrant must provide contact details such as email, name, mailing address, and phone number for the registrant, the administrator, and the technology officer, which may or may not be the same person. Alternatively, some Registrars provide WHOIS privacy protection, which inserts generic Registrar contact details instead of registrant information, in exchange for a monthly fee.