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Country: Australia
Email: kre [at]

Robert Elz (also Kevin Robert Elz) is a network programmer from the University of Melbourne, a Fellow of the Melbourne School of Engineering in the Department of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering, and an honorary lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department of the Prince of Songkla University. He was instrumental in leading the development of Internet in Australia.[1][2]


  • BA Computer Science, 1976, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • LLB Bachelor of Law, 1979, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Career History

Elz was one of the individuals responsible for running the Australian Computer Science Network (ACSnet) during the mid 70s to mid 80s, together with Bob Kummerfeld and Piers Lauder from the University of Sydney.[3] In 1986, Jon Postel, administrator of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, delegated the .au ccTLD to Elz. For 15 years, he managed the .au ccTLD in a voluntary capacity until its management was re-delegated by ICANN to auDA in 2001.[4][5] He also helped design the 4.3BSD implementation of the TCP/IP networking protocol suite.[6]

RFC Contributions

Robert has written five RFCs:

  • RFC 2182- Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers
  • RFC 2389- Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol
  • RFC 1924- A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses
  • RFC 1982- Serial Number Arithmetic.
  • RFC 2181- Clarifications to the DNS Specification[7]