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Country: USA
Email: ron[at]


Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @DNJournal

Ron Jackson is a journalist widely known as the Editor & Publisher of Domain Name Journal (DNJournal). Jackson began publishing DNJournal on January 1, 2003,; it was effectively the first publication geared towards the domain name industry.[1] He is President at Internet Edge, Inc. and also runs and[2]

Career History

Mr. Jackson graduated in Broadcast Journalism from a broadcasting school in Columbus, Ohio.[3] After graduation, he started his career as a radio news director at a small station in Ohio before he was drafted by the US Army as a broadcast specialist during the Vietnam War. Later positions included work as a reporter, and eventually as the Sports Director, at an ABC-TV affiliate in Florida, and as a reporter for the CBS-TV station in Tampa.[4]

After 20 years in journalism, Ron began starting his own businesses, including a series of record stores, an antique shop and various Internet ventures. He started domaining in 1997 when he bought his first domain name and published his first website, Ron Jackson started a publishing company, Internet Edge, Inc., in 2000.[5] In 2002, he started investing in domains and now owns over 5,000 domain names, with around a thousand three lettered .us domain names.[6] In January 2003, he started publishing DNJournal when recognized the need for a specialized publication for the quickly growing industry.

ICANN & Industry Participation

Ron opposes ICANN's decision to start registering new TLDs. He is of the view that there is no need for new TLDs at this point, especially because many people don't even recognize already available TLDs. He says it will pressure businesses to buy unwanted TLDs just to protect their name.[7]

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