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Country: USA
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Shane Tews was most recently the Vice President of the Global Public Policy relations at Verisign. She was once the Senior Washington Representative at VeriSign, and was in constant communication with Congress, senior Policy makers, lobbyists, and other government officials with regards to IT and Internet policy affecting Verisign.[1] She was at Verisign from 2001 to 2012.[2]

Industry Participation

She was a panelist in the "Who Will Govern the Net in 2020?" panel at TechFreedom's Next Digital Decade book launch conference in Washington, DC on January 19, 2011.[3] The video of this panel can be viewed here. Ms. Tews was also a panelist at IGF 2010 Workshops.[4]She has participated in a variety of similar forums, often addressing Internet security, Internet infrastructure, content, supply chain management technology, privacy and tax issues.[5]

Ms. Tews is a member of numerous organizations' boards related to IT and Internet policy; such as the Internet Caucus Advisory Counsel, the Information Technology Industry Counsel, The Information Technology Industry Foundation, the Internet Alliance, and The United States Telecommunications Training Institute.[6][7]

Career History

Shane Tews has extensive experience working in and around the political atomosphere of Washington, D.C.. Before she joined VeriSign, she was the senior representative for the Distilled Sprits Council working as a lobbyist on issues like taxation, advertisements, and other regulatory issues.

Ms. Tews has also been a part of the Washington think thank, Citizens for a Sound Economy, and she has worked in Congress as Congressman Gary Frank's Legislative Director from 1992 to 1995. After being a part of the first George Bush's election campaign, she worked in the administration as as a special assistant to Transportation Secretary Samuel K. Skinner and in the Office of Legislative Affairs.[8]


She graduated in 1988 from the American University in D.C.[9] She is from Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]

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